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Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour

Baking with Coconut Flour


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Allergic to gluten and wheat?

Now You Can Eat All The Delicious Breads and Baked Desserts You Want By Mastering The Art Of Cooking With Coconut Flour!

Discover Tips & Tricks for Success with This High-Protein, Super Food Flour.
Learn To Easily Convert Your Favorite Baked Goods Recipes!

Are you allergic to gluten or wheat? Think you can’t eat delicious breads and sumptuous baked desserts ever again? Wouldn’t you just like to enjoy some great desserts and still be healthy?

Now You Can!

Starlene Stewart

Hi, my name is Starlene Stewart, and I’ve just released the latest version of my famous book, Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour and in it I spill the beans on how to use this amazing grain-free, protein-rich flour to bake tasty breads and baked goods. It’s time for you to stop feeling guilty about eating delicious foods!

If you’ve never heard of coconut flour, it’s basically made from dried coconut meat. You can’t get any more natural than that!

With this amazing super food, you can cook delicious, mouth-watering cakes, cookies, breads, and more delicious baked goods, and not have to worry about any wheat or gluten allergies.

Sliced Coconut Flour Bread

I have to tell you up front that this flour is tricky to work with and has to be handled in a special way in order for your baked goods to come out just right. But, don’t be afraid of it. With my book, you’ll be armed with all the secrets you need to bake just about anything with coconut flour the correct way, and have it come out deliciously – every time.

This isn’t a cookbook. It’s a “How to bake with coconut flour correctly” book. Not only that, but I’ll also show you how to convert your favorite baked goods recipes into using coconut flour, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

As you may know, eating gluten or wheat can cause inflammation in your gut, which can, in turn, lead to chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and more.

So why should you bake with coconut flour? Because…

  • it tastes great
  • it does not need to be soaked
  • it's rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats
  • it is gluten and wheat-free, not grain-based
  • it can help keep your blood sugar balanced
  • a little goes a long way - just 1/2 cup needed to make a dozen cupcakes
  • it allows you to create delicious baked goods without using problematic starch flours like tapioca or potato

Just think – now you can have desserts and breads that are actually good for you!

Grain-Free Brownies

But, like I said, you have to be careful… you can’t use coconut flour the same way you use regular flour. I’ll tell you everything you need to know to convert any recipe you have from regular flour to coconut flour, and have it come out perfect.

But that’s not all. I also include some of my great, personal recipes you can use.

In this book, I’ll show you the special properties of coconut flour, and why the same recipe will work perfectly one time and not the next.

Do your coconut recipes flop? I’ll show you the reasons why, and give you the specific techniques to make sure your baked goods come out right the first time.

And remember, I have also included an entire section on how to convert a recipe from traditional flour to coconut flour - this is priceless!

Delicious Applesauce Cake from my Grandmother - she made it with wheat flour, I make it with coconut flour!

Applesauce Cake

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By using this book while you’re cooking, you will save countless dollars in wasted ingredients.

Your foods will come out great!

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • How to find the correct kind of coconut flour
  • Should you use packed or sifted measurements
  • How to convert your favorite wheat based recipes to coconut flour
  • Why this flour reacts very differently from one recipe to the next and what to do about it
  • How to keep your loafs of bread from turning green
  • Discover how your mistakes can be turned into other delicious foods
  • And more!

So if you’re tired of always looking on while your friends eat delicious breads and baked goodies, you need to get this book. You don’t have to feel bad anymore. Wait until you see the look on their faces when you start to eat these same delicious desserts along with them!

Banana Muffins

So does this coconut flour really work and taste as great as you say?

Well, let some of my great customers tell you about my book:

“Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour is without a doubt the most comprehensive guide to figuring out how to use this unusual ingredient with modern recipes. All of the recipes are based on real whole foods. This entire book is free of starches, sugar, and gums and with the exception of one recipe, dairy free. Whether you are new to baking with coconut flour or are an experienced baker, I guarantee that you will find this an essential, reliable, and foolproof resource. No more wasting time and expensive ingredients on recipes that turn out mediocre or, worse yet, inedible. Everything I've tried in Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour was a home run. Grab a copy today!”
- Lisa Herndon, Lisa's Counter Culture

“Starlene Stewart is an experienced baker in traditional flours and leverages that experience masterfully in Mastering the Art of Baking with Coconut Flour to help you convert your own family favorite baked goods using coconut flour. Did your recipe flop? Starlene outlines the reasons why and gives you the specific tools to figure out why and how to create a killer grain-free muffin the next time around.”
-Amanda Rose, Fresh Daily Bites

So it’s time to quit sitting in the corner while you friends and family enjoy all these great foods. You need to get this book today so you can start enjoying the same foods with them.

Quit procrastinating – Order this book TODAY!

Enjoy these great foods tonight!

BLT with coconut flour sandwich bread


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