Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make a purchase but where does my coupon code go? 

The “Discount” field will adjust to accommodate device width. If you are visiting this site using a desktop computer with a wide browser window you should find the “Discount” field at the bottom right side of the payment window. If you are viewing with a narrower screen or by mobile device you should find it at the bottom of the payment window just above the “Complete Order” button.

Coupon Code Area 1

Coupon Code Area 2You’re right, it’s a little hard to see if you don’t know what you are looking for.

  1. Click on “Add to Cart” on the product you wish to purchase.
  2. A new smaller window will open up showing the item in your cart.
  3. Click on Checkout.
  4. Look for the “Discount” field and enter your coupon code there (see images above to see where to find the discount field)

Can I purchase your products as a gift?
Yes, there is an option to purchase for a gift recipient.

  • Click on “Add to Cart” on the product you wish to purchase.
  • A new smaller window will open up showing the item in your cart.
  • Click on Checkout.
  • After typing your first and last name you’ll see the option to check yes for “Is this Order a Gift?” (See image below)

Gift Purchase

Will I get anything in the mail?
No, all my products are digital. So, you’ll receive an e-mail with a download link shortly after you complete your purchase.

What payments do you take?

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Cards
  3. Payment by money order through the U.S. Postal Service (contact me for more details)

What if I don’t like the e-book?
Well, I’ll be heartbroken! But honestly, your happiness and satisfaction are all that matters to me.  Email me at within 30 days (or use my contact form), and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, yes I do! Head here for details and to sign up!

What happens when I click on the Add to Cart Button?
Magic! Seriously though… when you click the button and pay you’ll get instant access to the e-book and will be able to download moments after your purchase.

Do your coconut flour recipes use eggs?
Yes. Coconut flour really needs the binding quality of eggs to hold the product together. I have tried using “flax eggs” but only for a couple of recipes.

Are your recipes gluten-free?
Yes, all of the books written by me are not only gluten-free but grain-free. I only use coconut flour or almond flour, never any starch flours.