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Hi, my name is Starlene Stewart, and I started on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) in 2009 to help my husband heal and in the process learned that I could benefit as well!

It was definitely a learning curve – eliminating grains and dairy products from our diet – but I found that it was indeed possible! Over the course of several years, I created dozens of new recipes (and adapted some favorites) appropriate for the GAPS Diet which my family loved. I’ve put all those recipes together so you can access them easily.  By the way, certain dairy products are allowed on the GAPS Diet but since I already knew that dairy exacerbated my asthma I eliminated all dairy for about one year. I was rewarded with being able to taper off my asthma medications and have been free from asthma since 2010!

Here’s the great thing about Beyond Grain & Dairy, the recipes use real food, and even though the list of foods is limited, there is still a great variety of recipes from which to choose. One of the challenges in eating from a specific selection of foods is going to potlucks or other events where food is included, it can be hard to find something to eat. Be proactive and choose a dish from Beyond Grain & Dairy to share. Then you have something to eat and you don’t even need to say a word to anyone that you’re on a “special” diet. I typically choose to bring a main dish and a dessert so I know that I have good food which I love and this totally removes the possibility of feeling that I’m missing out on the yummy food.

Beyond Grain & Dairy

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113 recipes suitable for the GAPS Diet

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Grain-Free
  • No Soy
  • No Corn
  • No processed sugar
  • No Gums


Are you new to eating grain-free or dairy-free?

Do you feel like there’s nothing to eat now? No worries, there’s plenty to eat!!

Beyond Grain & Dairy contains over 100 recipes which will show you there is no need to feel deprived. You’ll find photos for every recipe and a clickable Table of Contents.

Take a peek inside the Beyond Grain & Dairy e-book!

Review from Maria W.

I have recently bought your new e-book Beyond Grain and Dairy and I love it!!!

Thank you so much!!! We’ve been on GAPS for 3 months now and our son is beautifully recovering from autism.”

Review from Jen V.

Take the challenge out of figuring out delicious meals!

Beyond Grain & Dairy takes the challenge out of figuring out delicious meals while keeping it healthful and free from grain and dairy.  This e-book has been a lifesaver to me, especially when just starting out on a
restricted diet.  I highly recommend it to anyone, restricted diet or not!

Review from Dawn P.

I look forward to using my own book!

While visiting my daughter and family at Christmas for a week in SC, my husband and I ate many of your recipes from your book, Beyond Grain and Dairy, and you are terrific! That is why I look forward to using my own book!

Categories You’ll Find Inside

  1. Soup (5)
  2. Appetizers (3)
  3. Main Dishes (22)
  4. Meat Dishes (10)
  5. Vegetables (7)
  6. Salads (6)
  7. Condiments, Sauces & Dips (8)
  8. Smoothies (7)
  9. Eggs (7)
  10. Breads (15)
  11. Desserts & Sweets (30)

Quit procrastinating – Order this book TODAY!

It’s time to quit sitting in the corner while your friends and family enjoy all these great foods. You need to get this book today so you can start enjoying the same foods with them.

Enjoy these great foods tonight!

Beyond Grain & Dairy

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