Baker’s Dozen Holiday Quick Breads

Baker's Dozen Holiday Breads
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Hi, my name is Starlene Stewart and I have created a baker’s dozen worth of recipes for the holiday season. There are typically a lot of social events during this time of the year and food is always one of the main stars. If you need to be gluten-free or grain-free you may find yourself scanning the selection to find there isn’t much for you to choose from. So… what’s a person to do?

I’ll tell you what you do…

Next time you’re invited to a potluck or get together take control of the situation and bring your own baked goodies to share!

The host will think you’re cool and no one even needs to know your loaf of bread or muffins are “special”. I have tested all these loaves myself personally, as well as shared with my Premier Taste Testers (my esteemed coworkers) and received lots of compliments and praise.

The recipes inside Holiday Quick Breads were created specifically with the holiday season in mind. Every recipe is gluten-free, grain-free, uses only coconut flour (no other gluten-free flours), and honey is the sweetener. Some of the recipes do call for optional chocolate chips which usually contain sugar so if that’s an issue, just leave them out. You’ll be the star of the party when you bring one of these loaves!

Recipes You’ll Find Inside

  1. Apricot Ginger Walnut
  2. Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt
  3. Chocolate Cranberry
  4. Cranberry Orange Walnut
  5. Cranberry Applesauce
  6. Fruits and Nuts
  7. Fruits and Nuts II
  8. Gingerbread
  9. Herb Medley
  10. Nutty Caramel Apple
  11. Peppermint Chocolate
  12. Pumpkin Maple Pecan with Streusel Topping
  13. Spiced Pear Anise Cranberry

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Great instructions!

Wonderful pictures–and lovely finished results. You NEED this book, even if you don’t have to be gluten-free. 🙂

Get ready for the holidays!

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Yes. Coconut flour really needs the binding quality of eggs to hold the product together. I have tried using “flax eggs” but only for a couple of recipes.