Peace Joy Happiness Coloring Book

Peace Joy Happiness Coloring Book


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Hi, my name is Starlene Stewart and I created Peace Joy Happiness for adults who are on a healing journey. I wanted to offer a coloring book that would allow you to color while concentrating on powerful words like…






As you color, empower yourself by thinking peaceful, joyous and happy thoughts. Even if you are happy and healthy, you will enjoy relaxing and coloring.

Do you remember coloring as a child?

I have many fond memories. I can clearly recall the stack of coloring books Mother kept on the top shelf of her bedroom closet. On certain days she would pull the coloring books down and let my sisters and me choose which ones we would color in. Sometimes it would be pouring rain outside. Or maybe it was during summer break and it was just too hot to be outside in the Arizona summer. Many times she would sit and color with us.

Mother and Little Girl Coloring

The coloring books of my childhood were thick, the paper coarse, the images detailed. Some even told a story. The only crayons were Crayola™ crayons, and to this day I describe colors using their names…

Cornflower blue

Carnation pink

Sea green

Burnt sienna

Sunset orange



What about you?

Colorful Crayons

Coloring is an activity that introduced many of us to the joy of arts and crafts.

Some were passionate and grew up to color and paint and make art every day as professional artists, but most of us put down the crayons and other art forms. Some of us haven’t considered coloring in decades. I know I hadn’t colored since my boys were little so we’re talking almost two decades for me.

Why coloring?

Well, what is your life like nowadays?



Are you busy raising a family?

Are you trying to heal from an illness or do you experience anxiety or depression?

Are you looking for ways to relax and mellow out?

Coloring is making a comeback for adults!

Adult coloring books are not your children’s coloring books. They are usually theme based and filled with beautiful complex designs. Most adults who color invest in fine-tipped felt markers, colored pencils, or gel pens since the designs often have very small spaces to fill.

In Peace Joy Happiness I have created kaleidoscopic designs and matched each one with an empowering word along with its definition. As you color, think on the word and the meaning. What does it represent to you? Why did you choose this word’s image to color right now? Bear in mind that these images are not meant to be colored in one sitting! Think of it like putting a jigsaw puzzle together with no chance of losing pieces!

Be honest. Isn’t it true that when you have some down time you reach for your phone or tablet, sit at the computer or watch television? Maybe you’re “farming” or “crushing candy”, shooting invaders or binge-watching a series.

Depending on what you’re watching or playing, these activities can ramp us up, working against our desire to relax and calm down. If you’re doing that before bedtime, it’s definitely not conducive to relaxation and sleeping. Recent studies tell us that the lighting from our phones, tablets, and television screens keep us awake instead of helping us get to sleep.

Perhaps you are looking for a new bedtime routine.

What about coloring for just ten minutes every evening? Or maybe you will start out your morning’s coloring?

In this book, you’ll find 35 kaleidoscopic designs to color. Choose your design, print it out, pick your medium. Are you going to use felt tipped pens, gel pens, crayons, paints? With the PDF version of Peace Joy Happiness, you can even capture a screenshot and “color” using Paint. If you have children, some of the designs are simple enough for even young children to color.

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